We are passionate about transforming clinical research through innovation.

CRIO's Mission

At CRIO, our mission is to design and deliver a modern, intuitive, and integrated software platform that reimagines clinical trials for quality, speed, and patient-centricity. CRIO’s holistic, paperless platform for conducting clinical trials reduces data errors, streamlines regulatory workflows and accelerates timelines.

Built for Sites, by Sites.

Raymond Nomizu, JD (far right) has had first-hand experience in the shortcomings of paper-source charts. Several years ago, Raymond owned a research site in Boston and navigated the challenges of managing the ever-increasing complexity of research protocols. But he had a solution. Raymond shared his vision with Phuc Truong (far left), a technologist and serial entrepreneur, and together they launched Clinical Research IO (CRIO).

The experts at CRIO are “solutionists.” After pioneering the commercialization of eSource and delivering the industry’s first-ever Electronic Delegation Log, the first is still the best. CRIO has partnered with over 600 sites globally, and growing, all aligned with our vision of moving research forward.  Today, we’re considered among the most innovative tech companies in the clinical trials industry. Our software delivery pipeline is always open, fueled by a limitless flow of creativity and innovation.

Innovative Minds Here.

CRIO actively recruits from some of the most elite institutions across the United States. Our corporate culture supports an empowered, diverse and inventive team of industry professionals who take a novel approach to problem-solving. Life at CRIO is more than just a job. It’s a calling.

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