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We are passionate about transforming clinical research through innovation.

CRIO's Mission

Our mission is to streamline clinical research, to bring new medications to market faster. We are creating a holistic paperless platform for conducting clinical trials that will reduce data errors, streamline regulatory workflows, and accelerate timelines.

Founded from a Research Site

CRIO was started in 2015 by co-founders Raymond Nomizu (pictured right, standing) and Phuc Truong (pictured left, standing). Raymond owned a research site, where he experienced the inefficiencies of paper-source charts that couldn’t keep up with the ever-increasing complexity of research protocols. He shared his vision with Phuc, a technologist and serial entrepreneur, and together they launched CRIO. We are now the leading clinical trial software solution, embraced by research sites globally.

Careers at CRIO

CRIO is a rapidly-growing health technology startup in Boston and San Francisco. We have an empowered, diverse, and passionate team, from recent college graduates to experienced industry professionals. Every team member places our clients’ success as their highest priority.

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