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A Look into Alzheimer’s Research with Dr. Craig Curtis

How did you get into clinical research? During medical school, I completed several research externships and became very interested in…

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Clinical Trial Software Make Virtual Monitoring Work for You: How eSource Can Help Sponsors Monitor Virtually During Covid-19

Striving for site success and business continuity admist our global pandemic? Virtual monitoring bypasses the need for travel, made nearly…

- Raymond Nomizu 2 weeks ago
Clinical Trial Software Key Takeaways from the 2020 SCRS Site Solutions Summit

This year’s Site Solution Summit, a virtual event, was all about remote monitoring. Here’s what I learned: 1. Remote, or…

- Raymond Nomizu, CEO at Clinical Research IO 1 month ago
Clinical Trial Software Onboarding with CRIO’s Clinical Trial Software: A Real-Life Experience from a Research Site

Are you interested in investing in clinical trial software at your research site, but worried how your staff will adapt…

- Team CRIO 2 months ago
Agreements & Budgets The 101 of Clinical Research Forecasting: Learn about CRIO’s New Forecasting Feature From A Site Owner

Forecasting states a site’s expectations for work not yet performed. Learn best practices for forecasting from Dr. James Clark, Owner…

- Team CRIO 2 months ago
Patient Recruiting Chief Operating Officer of MACRO Trials Talks About How Sponsors and Sites Can Increase Inclusivity and Diversity

Achieving representative enrollment – meaning diversity in race, age, gender and socioeconomic status – in clinical trials is essential to…

- Maxine Lai, Content Associate at Clinical Research IO 3 months ago
Clinical Trial Software Site Spotlight: CEO of ClinCloud Offers Insight On Running COVID-19 Trials

COVID-19 trials have quickly become the top trafficked listings. According to WCG Insights, COVID trial listings represent 15.1% of total…

- Maxine Lai, Content Associate at Clinical Research IO 4 months ago

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