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Site Spotlight: A Look into IBD Research with TDDA Specialty Research

We recently passed Crohn’s and Ulcerative Colitis Awareness week (December 1-7, 2020) and Clinical Research IO was interested in learning…

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COVID To sustain changes from COVID, Ken Getz says we need to think about study complexity, customization and fragmentation

Experts in the clinical research industry are now turning their attention to investigating the long-term effects of the COVID pandemic…

- Maxine Lai, Content Associate at Clinical Research IO 3 weeks ago
Clinical Trial Software A Simple Guide: Selecting the Right Software for Your Clinical Research Site

If you’re considering new software for your site, you’ll need a game plan. Technology is designed to make your work-life…

- Sarah Ruiz, Customer Success Manager 2 months ago
Industry A Look into Alzheimer’s Research with Dr. Craig Curtis

How did you get into clinical research? During medical school, I completed several research externships and became very interested in…

- Maxine Lai, Content Associate at Clinical Research IO 2 months ago
Clinical Trial Software Make Virtual Monitoring Work for You: How eSource Can Help Sponsors Monitor Virtually During Covid-19

Striving for site success and business continuity admist our global pandemic? Virtual monitoring bypasses the need for travel, made nearly…

- Raymond Nomizu 2 months ago
Clinical Trial Software Key Takeaways from the 2020 SCRS Site Solutions Summit

This year’s Site Solution Summit, a virtual event, was all about remote monitoring. Here’s what I learned: 1. Remote, or…

- Raymond Nomizu, CEO at Clinical Research IO 3 months ago
Clinical Trial Software Onboarding with CRIO’s Clinical Trial Software: A Real-Life Experience from a Research Site

Are you interested in investing in clinical trial software at your research site, but worried how your staff will adapt…

- Team CRIO 4 months ago

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