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Dr. Mark Opler of WCG says COVID resulted in a universal move towards remote assessments

To keep clinical trials afloat throughout the pandemic, there has been a universal move towards hybridized trials and electronic, remote…

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Clinical Trial Software Custom Reporting: CRIO’s Looker Integration

We’ve partnered with Looker, a subsidiary of Google, to provide you with the best-in-class reporting capabilities. With this partnership, we believe…

- Team CRIO 1 week ago
COVID Clinical Trials Have Largely Re-Opened, Per Clinical Research IO’s Survey

At the beginning of May 2020, many of the larger pharmaceutical companies released their first quarter financials and shared their plans…

- Maxine Lai, Content Associate at Clinical Research IO 1 week ago
COVID Cytel’s COVID Trial Tracker indicates that the number of COVID clinical trials is still rapidly increasing

Since Clinical Research IO first visited Cytel’s COVID trial tracker in April 2020, the number of treatment and vaccine trials…

- Maxine Lai, Content Associate at Clinical Research IO 2 weeks ago
COVID Industry experts counsel on staffing models, patient recruitment and remote monitoring in the new normal

According to the latest survey by Clinical Research IO, clinical trials have largely re-opened. While we should remain optimistic about…

- Maxine Lai, Content Associate at Clinical Research IO 3 weeks ago
Clinical Trial Software Electronic Source (eSource) vs. Electronic Data Capture (EDC): What’s the Difference?

Electronic Source (eSource) and Electronic Data Capture (EDC) are increasingly popular technologies for collecting and managing clinical trial data. The…

- Phoebe Stoye, Product Manager at Clinical Research IO 4 weeks ago
Industry How I Built and Sold the World’s Largest Late-Phase Clinical Research Site

How did you get into research? I got started in clinical research as an undergrad. There was a group of…

- Sean Stanton, Strategic Sourcing and Business Growth at C2N Diagnostics 4 weeks ago

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