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EMR to eSource: Why research sites don't use EMR as the source data collection tool

Are you interested in investing in clinical trial software at your research site, but worried how your staff will adapt…

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Running a Site Key Takeaways from the 2021 SCRS Site Solutions Summit

Reflections on the Summit The 2021 Global Site Solutions Summit, hosted by the Society for Clinical Research Sites, was an…

- Raymond Nomizu, CEO & Co-Founder at Clinical Research IO (CRIO) 2 months ago
3 Reasons Principal Investigators Need eSource
Running a Site Building Better Oversight – 3 Reasons Principal Investigators Need eSource

What’s wrong with the way that most sites have been recording data for decades? While much of research data is…

- Daenya McDonald, Marketing & Communications Manager at CRIO 2 months ago
Downloads Survey of Clinical Research Sites on Operations Post COVID

This presentation includes the complete results from CRIO’s latest web survey on post-COVID operations at clinical research sites.

- Team CRIO 2 months ago
decentralized clinical trials
Industry Trends Clinical Research IO’s latest survey shows that clinical research sites have adopted widespread technology in response to the rise of decentralized clinical trials

Clinical Research IO (CRIO)’s recent site survey showed that most sites have recovered business lost during the pandemic, are adjusting…

- Maxine Lai, Customer Success Manager at Clinical Research IO 2 months ago
Patient Recruiting CRIO’s Patient Recruitment System is Now Gender Inclusive!

We know that clinical research changes are slow since it’s based on practices that require large, established data taxonomies. But…

- Raymond Nomizu, CEO & co-founder at Clinical Research IO 6 months ago
Running a Site 3 Reasons You Should Be Using CRIO’s Custom Reports

Standard versus Custom Reports Every site has its own definition of success. As a clinical research site owner, manager, or…

- Daenya McDonald, Marketing Manager at Clinical Research IO 6 months ago

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