2022 Clinical Research Associate (CRA) Survey Summary

The clinical research industry made big changes to adapt to the operational disruptions of a global pandemic. Today, it’s more exciting and diverse than ever before. With the high level of technology adoption to enable the continuity of clinical trials, CRIO wanted to learn more about CRA  experiences using the CRIO platform, the leader in eSource technology.

CRIO retained a third party market research firm to conduct a web-based survey of CRA users with recent log ins to the CRIO system. The firm solicited participation from 16MAR2022 to 30MAR2022 to an anonymous web survey. A total of 79 responses were received.

Download the survey to review established benchmarks and trends.


84% of respondents reported that Source has more data points than the eCRF

In risk-based monitoring, CRA’s reported 31% time savings on the SDV component – 9% overall time saved

Most CRA’s have had experience with remote monitoring – and CRIO was the most commonly cited tool used

CRIO’s new integrated eSource-EDC data capture mode could generate up to 46% time savings!

CRIO's 2022 Clinical Research Associate Survey Summary

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