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How Sites Can Win with De-centralized Trials – Part 4 – QA/QC Remote Monitoring

Should we be learning how to cope with the complexity of remote/virtual monitoring, or is it more important that we learn to cope with change itself? How can industry stakeholders encourage and drive transformational change, while being mindful of the common thread that regulatory compliance must play in the framework? In Part 4 – QA/QC Remote Monitoring, of our 7-part webinar series, our panel of industry experts explore the risks and benefits of decentralized trials.

Topics covered over the course of 7 sessions include:

  • Part 1 – Remote Feasibility & Planning
  • Part 2 – Patient Recruitment
  • Part 3 – Remote Consenting
  • Part 4 – QA/ QC Remote Monitoring
  • Part 5 – Regulatory Compliance
  • Part 6 – Continuity of Operations
  • Part 7 – Leadership & Technology


Raymond Nomizu, CEO & co-founder, Clinical Research IO (CRIO) – a site-centered eSource and CTMS solution

Edye T. Edens, Senior Research Compliance Consultant, First Class Solutions

Daniel Perez, COO, MACRO Trials – a Site Optimization Organization (SOO)

Maya Zlatanova, CEO, TrialHub

In Part 5, our panelists tackle one of the industry’s most important topics – regulatory compliance. Don’t miss best practices for sites to be more DCT-prepared.

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