A Letter from the CEO – What Lies Ahead at CRIO

We’re thrilled to welcome a new year!  The future is bright at CRIO.

2020 was an inflection point for the industry. The pandemic crippled many sites’ ability to function. At the same time, the influx of COVID trials created unprecedented volumes of activity for those fortunate enough to win a vaccine and/or treatment trial. As remote monitoring became the norm, sponsors and sites embraced eSource, eRegulatory, eConsent, telemedicine and a host of new technologies. What was once novel is now mainstream.

At CRIO, we maintained profitability and expanded our footprint to 600 sites in over 10 countries. Several sponsors and CROs are now exploring our system as a potential tool to incorporate on their trials. In fact, we signed a 45-site phase II eSource-to-EDC (Medidata) integration trial that will kick off in February – a groundbreaking milestone in our industry!  We’re on track to double down on our growth plans.

Our mission has always been to create a seamless, technology-powered, end-to-end clinical trial experience for sites, sponsors and patients alike. To realize this vision, we’ve made significant investments in our engineering talent. Daniel Oberlin, VP of Engineering, joined our leadership team, bringing over 20 years of enterprise experience leading and scaling engineering teams. Since then, we’ve doubled our engineering team and added off-shore contractors.

Research is a global endeavor. Sites all over the world have been successful with CRIO and we continue to build our global community of users. I want to thank our site partners for their vote of confidence in us. As a thriving, professional software and services company, we’ve always had as our North Star, a complete commitment to our clients’ success.

What lies ahead? I firmly believe that, with the contributions of our top-notch engineering team, we’ll cement our position as the industry’s most innovative, site-centric, clinical research platform. Together, we can upend the old rules and re-invent trials to be better, faster, and more “virtual” – goals that 2020 has brought into sharp focus for everyone.


Wishing you a healthy and productive 2021,

Raymond Nomizu,

CEO & co-founder, CRIO

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