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CRIO Bugathon – Building the Ultimate Platform

While bugs are as natural in coding as they are in nature, we don’t want them creeping into our code. At CRIO, we have established various processes and procedures to handle bugs. At the close of 2022, we hosted a bugathon, part of our ongoing efforts to deliver best-in-class quality. The bugathon was a two week internal event targeted at closing as many tickets and fixing as many bugs as possible. Here’s a quick recap.

How it Worked.

  • All software and QA engineers took part and were divided into teams.
  • Teams picked bug tickets from a fixed list of critical bugs identified by the product team.
  • CRIO gamified the event, with participants earning prizes for volume of completed tickets and quality of code produced.

The Results.

Stories from the Front-Line: The Team Behind the Brand

The bugathon was one of the highlights of the year at CRIO. Camaraderie was rampant, as was the pride in results. Additional points were rewarded for testing which was a smart move by the planning team. Teams anxious to get the extra points were particularly thorough with their testing which gave comfort that we were deploying safe changes. This was valuable given that so many changes went out at once. Everyone worked very hard – and we enjoyed all of it. As always, it was very gratifying to see the product improved! I hope that the changes don’t go unnoticed.

– Simon Perez, Senior Software Engineer

I am so happy that CRIO decided to host such a fun, collaborative, and effective bugathon event this year. Not only was it cathartic to finally clear out a lot of longstanding bugs that have plagued us, but it was also rewarding to work on issues that will directly and immediately improve our clients’ experience. Additionally, it was very heartening to see how my fellow engineers turned a competition into an opportunity to come together to support and root for each other in achieving our goals as a company.

– Taylor Stiger, Senior Software Engineer

At CRIO, we’re building the ultimate eClinical solutions platform. We will continue to optimize our processes to triage and fix high priority bugs as they are uncovered. With a shared purpose and a desire to do something impactful, it’s amazing what Team CRIO can accomplish.

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