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What's the value of a research site?

In the latest segment of the ClinEdge COVID-19 webinar series, Christian Burns and Al Peters discuss site-wide responses to the…

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Industry Trends CRIO sites were nearly 30% of U.S. COV19 Vaccine Sites. What this means for eSource adoption

The daunting task of COVID-19 trials The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic posed a new challenge for sponsors. They needed…

- Ada Zhu, Content Specialist at Clinical Research IO (CRIO) 2 days ago
CRIO bugathon
Running a Site CRIO Bugathon – Building the Ultimate Platform

While bugs are as natural in coding as they are in nature, we don’t want them creeping into our code.…

- Kristen Bosse, Director of Product Development 3 days ago
Industry Trends From standalone sites to large networks: The ongoing evolution of clinical research

In a 2019 CRIO eBook, “Scaling and Innovating: The Consolidation and Reinvention of Clinical Research Sites” we explored the emerging…

- Raymond Nomizu, CEO & Co-Founder at CRIO 5 days ago
Running a Site CRIO Reduces FDA Audit Risk by Over 70%

The FDA routinely audits clinical research sites, and some of those sites happened to use CRIO eSource on the studies…

- Raymond Nomizu, CEO & Co-Founder at CRIO 3 weeks ago
Running a Site It’s not about DCT – Diversity Driven Clinical Trials are the Key

ASK ME ANYTHING WITH JONATHAN ANDRUS  Jonathan Andrus, President & COO at CRIO, is an active thought-leader and presenter in…

- Team CRIO 2 months ago
Running a Site How the World’s Leading Vaccine Site Network Decreased Protocol Deviations by Almost 40%

Overview With 9 locations in Texas, California and Louisiana, Benchmark Research is the world’s leading vaccine network. Benchmark has performed…

- Team CRIO 2 months ago

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