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CRIO Secures 9M in Series B Financing Round

In the latest segment of WCG’s COVID webinar series, Ms. Annick de Bruin compares the results of CISCRPs broad annual…

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Running a Study eSource unlocks true remote monitoring benefits

Mark Joing is the Founder & CEO at Mojo Trials, a startup life sciences service provider delivering virtual site monitoring…

- Mark Joing, Founder & CEO at Mojo Trials 1 month ago
Running a Study eSource makes the eCRF reliable, accurate and timely

Bridging the gap eSource is the bridge between the protocol and the eCRF fields. To understand why, we need to…

- Raymond Nomizu, CEO & Co-Founder at Clinical Research IO (CRIO) 1 month ago
EMR to eSource
Running a Study EMR to eSource: Why research sites don’t use EMR as the source data collection tool

73% of sites reported using paper as the primary means of data collection In a 2018 CRIO site survey with…

- Raymond Nomizu, CEO & Co-Founder at Clinical Research IO (CRIO) 3 months ago
Running a Site Key Takeaways from the 2021 SCRS Site Solutions Summit

Reflections on the Summit The 2021 Global Site Solutions Summit, hosted by the Society for Clinical Research Sites, was an…

- Raymond Nomizu, CEO & Co-Founder at Clinical Research IO (CRIO) 4 months ago
3 Reasons Principal Investigators Need eSource
Running a Site Building Better Oversight – 3 Reasons Principal Investigators Need eSource

What’s wrong with the way that most sites have been recording data for decades? While much of research data is…

- Daenya McDonald, Marketing & Communications Manager at CRIO 4 months ago
Downloads Survey of Clinical Research Sites on Operations Post COVID

This presentation includes the complete results from CRIO’s latest web survey on post-COVID operations at clinical research sites.

- Team CRIO 4 months ago

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