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It's not about DCT - Diversity Driven Clinical Trials are the Key

In the city where the pandemic hit the hardest, we had to A) Evolve, and B) Predict. – Dr. Judith…

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Running a Site How the World’s Leading Vaccine Site Network Decreased Protocol Deviations by Almost 40%

Overview With 9 locations in Texas, California and Louisiana, Benchmark Research is the world’s leading vaccine network. Benchmark has performed…

- Team CRIO 3 weeks ago
Running a Site Direct Data Access versus Open API

Bala Nair is the Enterprise Architect at CRIO. With over 20 years of experience in the technology industry, Bala has…

- Bala Nair, Enterprise Architect at CRIO 1 month ago
Running a Study A New Paradigm: The CRIO Model – How Monitoring and Data Management Transform Using eSource/EDC vs Traditional EDC

This document describes CRIO’s integrated eSource/EDC model, in which source data is collected electronically by the site using CRIO’s eSource…

- Raymond Nomizu, CEO & Co-Founder at Clinical Research IO (CRIO) 2 months ago
Running a Study Leveraging eSource as a Study Manager for Remote Monitoring

Increased efficiencies Despite the myriad of additional issues caused by COVID, our study team’s efficiency dramatically increased with remote monitoring.…

- Takoda Roland, Clinical Research Consultant 2 months ago
Running a Site Never miss another re-consent: The benefits of an integrated eConsent-eSource solution

With the recent push toward Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCTs), many sponsors are adopting eConsent. eConsent allows patients to consent electronically,…

- Raymond Nomizu, CEO & Co-Founder at Clinical Research IO (CRIO) 2 months ago
Running a Site Ask Me Anything – Hitting the Target with Good Study Design

Mary Brenner, MSN MArch RN, is CRIO’s Study Design Manager and brings deep-rooted expertise as a registered nurse to CRIO’s…

- Team CRIO 4 months ago

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