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eSource and EDC: How to turn your EDC into eSource

Healthcare companies that support clinical trials have been famously slow to adopt technological innovations. Many research sites still use physical…

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Downloads How the World’s Leading Vaccine Network Reduced Protocol Deviations by Almost 40%

Historically, Benchmark Research, the world’s leading vaccine network with nine locations in Texas, California and Louisiana, used paper charts to…

- Team CRIO 5 days ago
Downloads 2022 Clinical Research Associate (CRA) Survey Summary

The clinical research industry made big changes to adapt to the operational disruptions of a global pandemic. Today, it’s more…

- Team CRIO 1 month ago
Downloads A New Paradigm: The CRIO Model – How Monitoring and Data Management Transform Using eSource/EDC vs Traditional EDC

Explore CRIO’s integrated eSource/electronic medical record (EMR)/electronic data capture (EDC) model, where source data is collected electronically by the site…

- Team CRIO 2 months ago
Running a Site Recruitment. Simplified.

Here’s something new we know you’ll love. Do more with better data when your site enables CRIO’s Recruiting API. Now…

- Daenya McDonald, Marketing Director at CRIO 6 months ago
Running a Study eSource unlocks true remote monitoring benefits

Mark Joing is the Founder & CEO at Mojo Trials, a startup life sciences service provider delivering virtual site monitoring…

- Mark Joing, Founder & CEO at Mojo Trials 6 months ago
Running a Study eSource makes the eCRF reliable, accurate and timely

Bridging the gap eSource is the bridge between the protocol and the eCRF fields. To understand why, we need to…

- Raymond Nomizu, CEO & Co-Founder at Clinical Research IO (CRIO) 7 months ago

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