With CRIO’s eRegulatory, research sites can streamline regulatory workflows with paperless binders and an electronic delegation log.

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Common Files

Manage Training Documents

Instead of filing the same GCP, IATA and other common files multiple times, you’ll file them once for the site, then let CRIO file into each study. Expiration alerts and versioning ensure you’ll always renew on time.

File Management

Manage Your ISF Binder Digitally

Upload, version, route, and e-sign your regulatory documents. Configure your folder structure and save your favorite structures as templates. Track expiring documents, bulk sign documents, and view/respond to CRA queries.

Electronic DOA

Digitize Your Delegation Log

Build your own delegation log, and easily assign and track study responsibilities. Copy duty profiles from one user to the other. Each user can view their own personalized delegation log with one click. CRAs love our downloadable, print-friendly DOA log with legible duty stamps!

Training Tracker

Keep Track of Study Trainings

Create training requirements, link to duties, and let CRIO tell you who needs to complete trainings. Users will see their training todos in one place. Once they’re done, just link the document to mark the requirement as complete.

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