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The Industry Finally has a Truly Electronic Delegation of Authority Log!

Delegation of authority logs (DOA logs), also known as delegation of duty logs (DOD logs), are one of the most painful, but critical, documents in clinical research. However, paper DOA logs can be difficult to read and even harder to enforce. Learn how CRIO's electronic DOA log simplifies and streamlines this critical workflow.

Raymond Nomizu
Raymond Nomizu
A video description of the problems stemming from paper delegaton of authority logs, and how CRIO's electronic DOA log streamlines this.
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The Delegation of Authority log is one of the "Essential Documents" in clinical research. In the DOA log, the Principal Investigator delegates study-specific duties to different members of the study team. Each duty has a start and end date, and should be signed off by both the Principal Investigator and individual delegate. If a staff member performs a duty that was not appropriately delegated, this is considered a major protocol deviation.

Paper based delegation logs lead to all kinds of problem. At CRIO, we've developed the industry's first-ever electronic delegation log. Using our system, regulatory specialists can create duty codes; assign duties to study team members; copy duty profiles from one user to another; solicit and track e-signatures from the Principal Investigator and delegate; and view a list of all duties and the individuals who have those duties.