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In Response to Coronavirus, Linear Clinical Research Accelerates Remote Monitoring

Monday, March 16, 2020 | 12:00AM EDT

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Near ground zero of the first Australian death from coronavirus, and running life-saving cancer trials amidst an environment of significant travel restrictions. Linear Clinical Research accelerated its adoption of a remote monitoring model using CRIO's eSource/eRegulatory system.
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Linear Clinical Research operates cancer trials for a major hospital in Perth, Australia, right next door to the COVID screening facility. Lewis Edwards talks about how Linear completely revamped its operations, organizing into nimble research teams with a substantial work-from-home rotation and implementing full remote monitoring through eSource adoption with supplemental document upload. Lewis describes the benefits of this approach to monitors and, most importantly, to patient and staff safety.

Date:March 16, 2020
Time:12:00 AM EDT
Duration:65 min
Topic: Clinical Trial Site Operations
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Learning Objectives
Create staff rotation
Implement remote monitoring
Utilize eSource technology
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