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A Rigorous Recruiting and Training Program for Clinical Researchers

Tuesday, October 08, 2019 | 12:00AM EDT

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Hear how the Director of Training and Human Resources at DelRicht Research has implemented a rigorous, 3-step hiring process, followed up by a proprietary 90-day training period, for all site personnel.
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Chinonso Singleton of DelRicht Research describes her background and how her site network has been using a 3-step recruiting process to vet new hires, then train them in a 90-day structured program. Learn her best practices and advice to build a long-term, successful research team.

Date:October 08, 2019
Time:12:00 AM EDT
Duration:30 min
Speaker: Chinonso Emetuche
Topic: Clinical Trial Site Operations
Meet the Speakers

Chinonso Emetuche

Chinonso Emetuche

Learning Objectives
Create a stepwise plan for your hiring process

Think about what your site's values are. Channel those values into a regimented hiring process in which you vet the prospects based on predetermined criteria you worked hard to create.

Have a methodological training program

Your training program should be specific to the position for which you are hiring. Enabling constant opportunites for education and skill building will benefit your employees and your site.

Enjoy your hard work

You really do get out what you put into your employees. Ensure that you are as invested in them as you want them to be in your business.

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