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CTMS Recruiting

50% increase in call capacity, 4x response rate from texts vs voice mails; double your clinical trial recruitment effectiveness



Keep track of patient funnel

Open your patient funnel and watch the prospective patient you just called move from "Prospects" to "Contacting." Watch the patient you just successfully pre-screened move from "Screening" to "Success." Keep track of who you are contacting and where they are in the recruitment process with our at-a-glance patient funnels.


One-click call and text

Imagine making just one click and calling a prospective patient right from your headset! If they do not respond, just type a text and hit Send. Our system lets you both send and receive calls and texts, and automatically logs those interactions in the patient profile. It's a fact: texts receive a 44% response rate. With CRIO's clinical trial recruitment system you will be engaging more people.


Organize your campaigns

Store your patients in one database and create filtered lists specific for each study. Customize your lists to include inclusion and exclusion criteria, multiple conditions, allergies, social histories, demographics, whatever you need to find your eligible patients!

CRIO has literally transformed my site... Now, I'm able to carry a much greater load of business, and I have a platform for expansion


Pre-screen and qualify in the patient profile

Efficiently and accurately phone screen patients. Build interactive phone screeners that allow you to configure alert features, or skip over questions that do not apply. Mark the patient's eligibility and schedule their first visit, right from the patient profile.


Synchronize medical history with eSource

Pre-populate your Visit 1 Medical History, Conmed, and other eSource procedures with the data from the patient's recruitment profile. If you update the data in eSource during a subject visit, the patient profile in Recruitment will also update ensuring accurate, up-to-date information for future campaigns.

Access clinical trial data anywhere

Your study doesn't stop just because you're out of town or not in a clinic. Our system frees you from the burden of paper binders.
Access source data anytime. Enter progress notes and send "stickies" to your team from home or anywhere else.

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  • 80% improved data quality
  • 50% reduced protocol deviations
  • 10% potential revenue increase
  • 2x recruiting prospect pipeline