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CTMS Scheduling

See what is ahead



View what is coming up for your site

See your calendar, as well as everyone else's. Keep track of events to come, from subject visits to site-wide meetings.


Schedule visits from subject profile

Schedule a subject visit without even having to leave your subject's profile! Stay on track by scheduling within the clearly marked Visit Window. Easily assign a visit to one of your coordinators so that it appears in their personal calendar, allowing them to know what needs to be done for the day, and when.


Easily create events

Click and drag to create events, easily reschedule, or cancel. Creating an event is intiuitive and fast!

Access clinical trial data anywhere

Your study doesn't stop just because you're out of town or not in a clinic. Our system frees you from the burden of paper binders.
Access source data anytime. Enter progress notes and send "stickies" to your team from home or anywhere else.

You can also call 617-302-9845 to request a demo
  • 80% improved data quality
  • 50% reduced protocol deviations
  • 10% potential revenue increase
  • 2x recruiting prospect pipeline