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3 in 4 sites believe clinical trials will go fully electronic over the next 5 years

In a survey commissioned by Clinical Research IO (CRIO), roughly 3 in 4 sites reported that eConsent, eRegulatory and eSource will increase either "substantially" or "noticeably" in the next 5 years.

The survey asked the sites to report their views on what trends are most likely to occur. The highest scoring trend was eConsent, with 83% reporting that this will increase "substantially" or "noticeably" in the next 5 years, followed by eRegulatory (75%) and eSource (73%).

"These three technologies, if implemented collectively, would make the entire trial virtually paper-free," said Raymond Nomizu, co-founder of CRIO. "It's clear that a significant portion of the sites view this as the wave of the future."

Other trends cited were data mining of Electronic Health Records for patient recruitment (63%), telemedicine (56%) and wearables (52%). Only 22% cited siteless trials, where sponsors go direct to patients.

"All of these trends are being discussed, but not many people have surveyed sites for their perspective," said Mr. Nomizu. "That was one of the motivations behind our survey."

The survey respondents consisted primarily of non-oncology, late-phase research sites. 37% of respondents characterized themselves as physician practices or hospitals, 42% as research sites affiliated with a physician practice, and 21% as freestanding sites. The survey was conducted in March, 2018, and was administered by Insightful Alliance. Over 100 sites responded.