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Clinical Research IO wins over CRAs

In a commissioned survey, Clinical Research IO (CRIO) found that clinical research associates largely preferred the company's clinical trial software to traditional paper methods. Specifically, 67 percent agreed that the CRIO eSource platform beat paper at promoting data integrity, 63 percent said CRIO facilitated quality assurance better than paper, and 56 percent agreed that sponsors benefit if more sites use CRIO or a similar electronic platform.

"This survey is meaningful because it asks CRAs about their experience with an eSource system they actually have been using at their research sites, not a conceptual system they have to imagine using," Raymond Nomizu, cofounder of CRIO, explained in a statement. "By making this concrete, we are providing industry proof that a properly designed eSource system can improve the conduct of the trial."

Digital health news briefs for 2/12/2018