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Our Story

What if we could re-invent the way clinical research is done?

Our story begins in Boston with co-founders Raymond Nomizu and Phuc Truong. Raymond had spent years struggling with the inefficiency of error-prone paper binders while managing a clinical research site. Phuc was a serial entrepreneur who most recently worked on a mobile health care application and saw the potential of tablet technology.

Believing they weren't the only ones who felt this way, they reached out to neighboring research sites to get their views on whether an electronic source system could improve their operations. The response was overwhelmingly positive- many they spoke to had dreamed of such a system themselves. With funding from NXT Ventures and Rally Ventures, CRIO was born.

Today, CRIO is the industry's first enterprise workflow tool built specifically for clinical research sites. Our application allows sites to be much more productive and effective, and has the potential to revolutionize clinical research.

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