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Clinical Research Coordinator Hiring Kit

9/7/2018 | By Anna Krauss, Clinical Research IO Project Manager | Business Development

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Is This The Model That Will Trump Them All?

Dustin Caldwell helped Optimed Research become a centrally managed network with low-footprint local sites. Learn how the power of going paperless enabled this transformation.

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The Future of Research: A New Vision

Dr. Hoeck served as CEO of CCBR, a multiple-indication, global research network; it was acquired by a private equity firm. Get an inside look at his vision for the clinical research industry.

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Selling My Research Sites

Dr. James Greenwald, founder and CEO of Medex Healthcare Research, sold his network and now serves as its Director of Research. Read about how you could do it too.

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The Common File Problem

Are you tired of copying the same regulatory document over and over? Watch this short video on the Common File Problem and learn how CRIO's eReg reduces protocol deviations!

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CRA Burnout in Clinical Research

Gain insight into the factors of CRA burnout in clinical research from the 2018 PharmaTimes Clinical Researcher of the Year New CRA.

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Why Are You Involved in Clinical Research?

Team CRIO is thankful for your work. We want to highlight your clinical research story to celebrate you and inspire others. Tell us what got you started! #IResearchBecause

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Key Takeaways from SCRS 2018

Not able to attend the Site Solutions Summit 2018? Interested in finding out who won our Mexico Sweepstakes Raffle? Read Team CRIO's key takeaways from SCRS 2018.

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Why are Clinical Trials So Expensive?

What are the main costs of clinical trials, and why are they so expensive? See how clinical trial costs differed by indication, and what the cost drivers were.

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The Coming Wave of eSource and eReg Adoption

See why eSource and eRegulatory solutions are poised to break out. Based on exclusive site survey data on the current and future state of clinical research technology adoption.

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eSource: Why Now?

Though eSource has been around for 8 years, it's only starting to gain popularity in clinical trial sites. Why is now the perfect time for eSource adoption?

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7 Steps to Develop a Super-Coordinator

Faster than a speeding bullet, your super-coordinator completes patient visits! But what if your coordinator isn't so super? 7 steps to develop and keep dependable coordinators.

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