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How Much Money do Clinical Research Sites Leave on the Table?

Budgets can be complicated! Learn about how your clinical research site could be losing money and how to fix it.

8/30/2018 | By Raymond Nomizu, Produced by Anna Krauss |


Raymond, CRIO's co-founder Anna, Project Manager

Raymond Nomizu is a Harvard-trained lawyer and former clinical trial site owner; during the operation of his site, he realized that there should be a better software solution for clinical trials. This prompted him to co-found Clinical Research IO, whose eSource and CTMS solutions are now considered some of the best in the industry. Read more about him here.

Anna Krauss is a Project Manager at Clinical Research IO. She has experience in the health field through her work as a Research Assistant with the MaineGeneral Hospital system, Hospital General de Agudos Bernardino Rivadavia in Argentina, and through her experiences working as an EMT.

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