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Take a Shot: Top Tips for Getting your eSource Paid For

Interested in eSource but can't fit it into your budget? Already utilize eSource and looking for ways to reduce costs? Check out these tips for negotiating eSource into your budget.

11/15/2018 | By Anna Krauss, Project Manager |

Business Development

Using eSource, as opposed to paper source, in a clinical trial certainly has its advantages. From increasing the data quality, to differentiating the clinical research site in site selection, eSource is poised to break out in the clinical research industry. However, fully adopting eSource requires investments, both in the time it takes to implement this new technology, and the monetary cost associated with the software.

Here at CRIO we can give you plenty of examples demonstrating why eSource is worth these costs,

(like eliminating stickies at your site or the fact that industry is moving towards eSource or being able to mitigate deviations by 50% or reduce the money your site is currently leaving on the table or gain 32% more time in your busy day ? You get the idea. Don't believe us still? Let us show you!)

but we also understand the blocks that must be overcome when implementing new software, especially those relating to a site's budget. We put out a call out to our clients asking them how they were able to get eSource reimbursed into their research budget. It's not a slam dunk, but here are some best practices for adding eSource into your clinical trial budget.

Take a shot at negotiating eSource into your clinical trial budget

1. Position eSource as a pass-through in your clinical trial budget

Note: CRIO will furnish appropriate documentation for any pass-throughs you are attempting to add into your clinical trial budget negotiations!

2. Articulate the benefits of eSource to the sponsor

3. Position eSource fees as CRA premium access

4. If all else fails ... have you tried raising some of the procedure costs in your clinical trial budget?

Ready to take a shot? Here is advice from a few of our clients on adding eSource into your clinical trial budget:

Slam dunk tips for adding eSource into your clinical trial budget

"You must be ready to go back and forth. Always start with the justifications-- better data, fewer queries, remote access, etc. Be prepared to escalate as needed."

"It reminds me of the early days of eREG when we had to educate sponsors. Today we're able to get an eREG fee passed through most of the time, by combining it with archiving."

"$1500 per study seems to be the upper limit that sponsors will accept as a fee per study."

Good luck! Have any stories or additional advice? We'd love to hear them at

Anna Krauss, author

Anna Krauss is a Project Manager at Clinical Research IO. She has experience in the health field through her work as a Research Assistant with the MaineGeneral Hospital system, Hospital General de Agudos Bernardino Rivadavia in Argentina, and through her experiences working as an EMT.

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