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Stay on the Cutting Edge of Clinical Research at DIA 2018

DIA is one of the biggest conferences of the year. If you are in clinical research you will not want to miss our revolutionary eSource and CTMS technology.

6/26/2018 | By Anna Krauss |

Business Development

Boston is looking good this time of year and we can't wait to welcome you into our home for DIA 2018; come see us at booth #1534!


With thousands of attendees, from healthcare professionals to pharma and biotech companies, DIA is one of the year's largest and most important conferences for thought leaders all around the world.

If you are attending, you care about the future of global health and healthcare. You want to be on the cutting edge of ground-breaking therapies and efforts to enhance health and well-being. DIA has a wealth of innovation in the clinical research space: check out over 450 vendors who have uncovered new, innovative solutions to enhance the way you run your clinical trial business, including the digital future of eSource & CTMS.

We're Clinical Research IO (CRIO), and we're the industry leader in eSource & CTMS (come say hello!).

When you come visit our booth, check out these 3 ways for you to continue to stay on the cutting edge of eSource!

  1. Educate yourself about eSource

    Did you know the CRIO team pretty much defined eSource as it's known today? With years of experience under our belt, as well as 5% of all clinical research data in our system, we consider ourselves pretty well-versed when it comes to eSource.

    eSource is going to disrupt the industry, and that can be scary! But the time is right to switch over. In 2018, 70% of CRAs favored eSource to paper-based source.

    Specifically, with CRIO, CRAs that are familiar with and have used Clinical Research IO in the past favor CRIO's eSource system over paper by margins of 3:1, according to a survey from a third-party market research firm. One CRA even went as far to say, "If I were starting a trial today, I would choose only sites that are using or willing to use the CRIO system."


    CRAs prefer CRIO's eSource system by a 3:1 margin.

  2. See Us in Action

    DIA is the perfect opportunity to try out CRIO for yourself.
    Try easily and quickly configuring studies (no coding required!).
    Learn how your PIs will be able to do 60% of their work from home in their PJs.
    Take a closer look at how your site could save $50,000!

    Speak with CRIO's co-founders, Raymond Nomizu and Phuc Truong, and members of the team to hear our experiences and our stories about the hundreds of research sites we have watched thrive using CRIO.

    We're excited to tell you about the case studies we have conducted and share the insights we have about running a successful clinical research site.

    CRIO Team

    CRIO at DIA two years ago! From left to right: Phuc Truong, CEO & co-founder at CRIO; Nicol Mastacouris, former coordinator at Beacon Clinical & current eSource study designer at CRIO; Alex Wang, former Director at Beacon Clinical & current Director of Clinical Research at Regeneris Medical; Raymond Nomizu, co-founder at CRIO and former site owner.

  3. Stay Tuned for Fun!

    We celebrated the launch of our new program for academic and non-profit institutions (spoiler alert: CRIO is now free for grant-funded studies, learn more!) at the last conference by throwing a huge rooftop party! The conference before that we took everyone on an evening boat cruise on a catamaran yacht.

    Karaoke Dancing

    Dance party and karaoke at ACRP 2018!

    Stay on the lookout for our next event, and up-to-date with what CRIO is up to at DIA by subscribing to our blog here!

Author: Anna Krauss is a Project Manager at Clinical Research IO. She has experience in the health field through her work as a Research Assistant with the MaineGeneral Hospital system, Hospital General de Agudos Bernardino Rivadavia in Argentina, and through her experiences working as an EMT.

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