eSource Technology with Clinical Care Insights

CRIO’s innovative partnership with Pluto Health brings electronic medical records with clinical care insights straight to the investigator, within minutes. PIs can review the health data and insights, and annotate the data before entry into source and hence, the EDC.


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Our partnership is patient-focused, offering personalized clinical support, preventive health recommendations and insights. Access to data, personalized clinical support, and preventative health insights and recommendations make this partnership the industry’s first patient-focused, end-to-end data delivery and clinical care solution.

Health Data Requests

Enable sites to obtain medical records, insurance and more with a click of a button

Stop wasting time obtaining handwritten medical releases, faxing, and making multiple follow up calls. Maintain patient safety by getting access to health data, insurance, and comprehensive clinical care insights sooner. CRIO’s integration with Pluto equips coordinators with the information they need in less than 20 minutes!

Patient Portal

Give patients control over their medical records

Upon patient consent, the Pluto Health team is able to provide clinical insights after accessing medical health data, which includes lab information, insurance, SDOH data, and more – nationwide. Pluto fetches and organizes health data across 90% of healthcare systems in the U.S., eliminating the need for patient recall. The platform intelligently searches for health records, and then provides clinical insights and preventative health recommendations for people before passing them on to CRIO.

PI Review

Empower PI’s to review and reconcile records in eSource

Health data sets are often incomplete or inaccurate, and therefore require PI interpretation and reconciliation prior to entering the study record. CRIO’s eSource, combined with Pluto Health’s insights, gives PIs access to health data, but also offers clinical care insights to advance patient care alongside clinical research operations. CRIO and Pluto are working together to update medical records and update corresponding source forms. Upon PI signature, the medical records become visible to the CRA for remote monitoring.

Clinician Notification

Ensure your patients’ clinicians are kept up to date

CRIO’s integration with Pluto Health is bidirectional, bridging clinical care with research for patients. CRIO updates the patient’s Pluto Health portal with notifications about the patient’s progress. Pluto Health then works with patients to provide insight into their care and enables patients to share needed health information with their loved ones and care teams.

Patient Safety

Constantly monitor for adverse events

Pluto’s event monitoring service can constantly monitor to detect when changes happen to someone. With this service, sponsors can ensure their PIs receive notifications for potential adverse events and patient care teams can be notified when things happen. This process greatly enhances patient safety, permitting rapid identification of SAE’s and other critical care steps.

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