eSource to EDC

Use CRIO’s Reviewer as your combined remote monitoring and EDC tool, or use our API to send data directly to your preferred EDC vendor.

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Enable direct data capture by your sites.
Eliminate the need for costly and delayed manual re-entry into EDC!


Get rapid, best-in-class eSource templates

CRIO’s extensive library of best-in-class, site-oriented eSource templates boasts built-in CDASH variables. Our study design team turns the protocol into eSource templates within 4 weeks! Finalized are published to sites, who can further customize according to their unique workflows.

Data Capture

Build quality into first-line data collection

CRIO’s eSource templates use built-in instructions, edit checks and branching logic to guide the site staff team through the protocol and flag unexpected values. Build quality directly into the data collection process so that the data coming into EDC is far more complete and accurate.


Review and query visits in real-time

Monitors can perform full source data review, issue/close queries, and mark visits as reviewed. CRIO’s system solicits PI signatures contemporaneously, allowing your team to continuously lock visits. Complement site level review with study-wide analytics through CRIO’s powerful reporting tool.

PDF Files

Review uploaded site files, including lab reports

Sites can use the CRIO eSource tool to upload source files associated with a subject visit, and the CRA can review, query and lock those files, just as with the completed visits. This flexibility enables comprehensive remote monitoring.

CRIO’S EDC Platform

Make CRIO eSource your EDC!

CRIO Reviewer has the full capability of an EDC, including medical coding, data locking and data extraction. This makes it an all-in-one-tool for your monitoring and data management team. Why use multiple systems when you can get all the data you need straight from the source?


Turn your preferred EDC system into eSource!

Already have your preferred EDC vendor? CRIO integrates with RAVE, IBM and other systems. CRIO immediately sends data directly into your vendor’s eCRF template (subject to vendor’s API). CRIO’s proprietary mapping tool builds the integration and performs full validation.

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